I want you inside me...

You mean, penis-in-vagina?

V to the al
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Once was in France, Frenching the shit out of the country. Not really, unless 'Frenching the shit' means 'severely butchering something that might be considered close to the language of French.' It's also known as 'talent.'

Another time, I was in India for a couple months becoming obsessed with it. And eating too much. And also butchering any attempts at any of the bajillion languages.

I tend to abuse exclamation marks occasionally. And ellipses.

Apparently most of my interests have to do with food. Not entirely surprising.

I don't update often, but am a faithful reader of my friends' journals. Am currently in the process of making my entries private because, um, I can! Yeah.

I have the worst username ever, yet can't seem to part with it. Vallygurl? Yeah, com'on...that's a terrible name. You're probably judging me based on it. Maybe already did. However, I've had this journal for over five years now (yeah...lame) and just can't leave it behind. So we can make fun of the worst username ala moi together. Or something.