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I love that after I complete this I'll feel overly productive. I am so very serious about that, kids. I love sleeping and eating. Two very important things, I'd say. Good activities to love. I love that Fridrich's (English III Honors teacher who never let us use 'thing' or 'good' in our papers) craziness just made me say 'activities' instead of 'things.' I love that I just read a whole book in one day, and it was AWESOME. I love that today is my day off and I only have three (maybe two if I decide to make a scene and refuse to work Friday) days left to work. I love that I'm leaving soon (except for the fact that all miss all my favoritest hoes ever. I'll deal with that later though). I love Brooke for writing me the BEST e-mail ever (someday I might reply...really!). She is amazing. Who else is amazing? Meghan! I love her tooo! Basically, if you write anything nice about me, I'll love you forever. I'm really breaking form for this entry. Erm. I better get my shitter together. AHEM! I love French pop music, especially MissFrenchBritneySpears, Jacynthe. I love carbs-- Take that, Atkins diet! I love trying to get skin cancer. I love sexual innuendos. I love finding jeans that fit my large ass properly. I love my large bum, even when I say I don't. I love being crazy. I love crazy people who encourage said behavior. I love Chuck Palahniuk...and reading in general. I love when I get up too fast and get incredibly dizzy almost to the point where I black out and fall over (sure has happened before) and then get this incredible sense of deja vu because I feel the same exact way and think the same things every time it happens. I love lounging around. I love having a blanket on me even when it's 80 degrees inside. I love VH1. I love that I've never watched the OC, like everyone else and their moms. I love meatless ribs ala Gardenburger. I love everything French-related. Even if it sucks, I love it. I also love Romanian pop songs and Sara for helping me discover who sang the wonderful song ala Madrid clubs. I love gmail for constantly resupplying me with invites. I don't understand it, but I love it. So if you need/want one, let me knooow! I love Hanson, even when they were girly. I love falling or doing something embarrassing so I can laugh about my stupidity. Best time ever. Like when Mister Waiter is referring to filling my water glass and I instead indicate he can take my plate. Confusion and lack of comprehension is great! I love dancing like a crackhead. And for me, that is any and all dancing that I do. I love that I haven't packed up anything for college yet. I love pretending to speak French, Spanish, and Italian...even if it is only an accent or using articles from said language with English words. I love making up words. I love that all my best friends were in journalism with me. I love that Ben's hideously asexual. Not really, but felt obliged to mention it. I love cloudy and stormy weather. Or so I do right now, because it's pretttty. I love multi-colored everything. I love my nerdish tendencies. Define those as you'd wish. I love food that requires little preparation prior to devouring. I love how some words sound so dirty...moist, couch, chortle, etc. I love observing bees or flies or ants...they're quite incredible little creatures. Often obnoxious or frightening, but fascinating too. I love babbling about nothing but having it make sense to me, if not anyone else. I love people-watching. I love presents, regardless of what they are. I love obsessively downloading music that I won't probably listen to for a few years. I love feeling accomplished. I love that I don't love Jeff or have a Jeff to love. That's right, I love being single. Take that, hookers! Though, hookers probably do better when they're single too. Sweet. I love that when addressing me, my grandma ala my mom's mom has to go through reciting her children's names before she gets to mine. Not sure if that's just forgetfulness or what, but it never ceases to be amusing. I love H&M...please tell those skanks to put one either here or in Eugene, thanks. I love cheap items, as I am, by nature, a cheap person. I love checking my friends page on lj and having a bunch of wonderful entries to entertain me for a while. I love Canada! I love being a klepto...has become quite lucrative. I love when the internet actually works. I love Chapin's chair, even though it's loud and farty sounding. I love these other ancient, leathery/vinyl brown chairs we have that make farting noises when you sit in them or move around. I love laughing so hard I choke and/or snort. I love how reading or watching a movie makes you feel as though you're someone else, somewhere else. I love pens that write easily...umm...I have no idea how to explain it; that was my best attempt. I love that I no longer have to deal with bastards from el high school (unlike CU kids! Buahaha!). I love sing-a-longs. I love having a Frenchman laugh. I love Kelsmeister's and my band and the common themes in our songs (sadness, drugs, hurt, more drugs...). I love singing about nothing and that this practice now happens at work. I love antique stores and retro furniture. I love middle-aged people who have braces and make fun of me when I can't tell them if I'm near-sighted or far-sighted, only "I can't see far away." They're great. I love hissy fits. I love that a Mister Policeman just drove down my street. FUN! I love road trips, unless they include my family. Those never go so well. I love Chateau Kelaura. I love generous, sincere, and funny people. I love being immature, as it makes everything so much more amusing. I love boys in tight pants, especially if such pants are girl pants. I love chatting it up with all you fine kids via LJ or AIM. I love the Northeast. I love getting paid. I love depositing checks in the bank and knowing I'm not entirely poor yet. I love the Independent Film Channel and Sundance Channel. I love sleepovers! I love my cheap Shopko watch and that I'm obsessed with its inexpensiveness. I love falling up. I love being able to write about my loves without too much sarcasm. I love sarcasm, though. I love hugs, which I often get carried away with. I love ending sentences with prepositions even though you're not supposed to. Ha! Did it again. I love comment orgies. I love all the moms. I love the '80s. I love my name for being 80s-esque. I love getting my hair cut and not caring what it might look like. I love the color green...used to be pink (which I still love, don't get me wrong)...before that was yellow (still love it too), but green is the new cool thing. With that in mind, I love all colors; I don't discriminate. I love one hit wonders of the 80s and early 90s. I love coloring and painting and drawing, despite my lack of artistic prowess. I love having dance parties at Target, with music supplied by those things that play a series of clips from the 'Dance Hits' and '70s Hits' (and such) cds. I love sitting next to Miss Laura at movies because she laughs at EVERYTHING, which is infectious. I love Skittles, even if they have gelatin in them. I love trying to have a conversation with people when it's very late and we're all out of it. I love weddings, especially the receptions. I love the smell of bread. And coffee. I love when people think their usage of clichés makes them original. I love being cynical...usually. I love IHOP. I love that a game of Monopoly never ends in under two hours (unless we give up) and often results in an argument. It's so wonderfully predictable like that. I love my insane family...not so much the immediate family, as much as everyone else. I love the Cayucos, California beach. I love going to the senior center in Cayucos with my grandma for a rousing Richard Simmons workout with all of her old people friends. I love seeing gay guys kiss. I love singing (it's more like bellowing) 'Big Spender,' especially while at a church youth gathering. I love Wet Hot American Summer forever and always. I love being attracted to guys who aren't particularly attractive at first glance, but have some sort of indie rock/artist/writer presence about them. I love the muffin scale (RIP). I love The Vagina Monologues. I love thrift stores. I love pancakes made from Bisquick. I love tolerance of differences. I love how clueless and cute many old people are. I love big, nerdy sunglasses. I love Mister ala shaggy hair. I love when everyone can be happy, even if it's just for a few moments. I love trashy accessories. I love tortellini. I love how a lot of my loves deal with material items. I think. Okay, not really. But I love everrrrryone who has made it this far! And everyone on my friends list. Love for everyone! I'm a big whore with the loving. And with that, I'm finished. WOOHOO! The end.
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